The Learning Lab Initiative by AMD Thursday, Feb 7 2008 

Chip manufacturing company, AMD, and American India Foundation (AIF) launched a learning lab on the premises of a Government Girls High School in Hyderabad on Wednesday to impart computer education to students.

The lab was launched under AMD’s 50×15 initiative that aims at connecting 50 per cent of the world’s population to the Internet by 2015.

Over 450 students will be taught the basics of using a computer in the lab that consists of 14 computers equipped with AMD Athlon Dual Core processor and a Windows Vista operating system.

Since most of the students of the school come from families that cannot dream of giving their children computer education, the initiative has generated great enthusiasm among the students. (Link)


Backhoe Fade Wednesday, Feb 6 2008 

Backhoe Fade is a new word that I’ve learned in connection with the disruption of Internet services in this part of the world since the end of January, caused by underwater cable cuts near Alexandria and elsewhere.

On 30th and 31st Jan, I experienced the outage: It was very difficult to access Gmail and I couldn’t access Multiply for a day. Of course, some other web pages were not loading or unbearably slow.

When the service was almost back to normal, unfortunately for me my connection was snapped because of a local “backhoe fade’ for one night and most of the next day.

It looked like a conspiracy!

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A Tale of Woe Thursday, Dec 7 2006 

Link to Congoo

Since I prefer Firefox to Internet Explorer and Ff has a huge no. of add-ons/extensions available to customize it and enhance the browsing experience, I always try to find out about new add-ons/extensions.

Last week I came across CongooNetpass. After reading a review I installed it and signed up. But there was a bait: recommend the thing to friends; if anyone signs up and starts using CongooNetpass, a six month subscription to will be yours for free.

I betrayed a friend.

I was happy to see a congratulation message in my mailbox from Congoo along with my free id and pw to log in to

But, folks the id and pw didn’t work!

I’m rewarded!

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