hoarding accident_jublee hills_11 April 2007 Huge hoardings in Hyderabad city have become a nightmare for all of us.

Recent reports of deaths caused by falling hoardings from high buildings and huge poles have forced people look upon them as death traps.

The other day a billboard from a six storey shopping mall fell killing a youth on the spot and injuring others.

Earlier, on11 April this year, a huge billboard raised on an enormous uni-pole gave way and collapsed on a restaurant and ice-cream parlor. A worker was killed instantly and many others were seriously injured. It completely damaged a couple of cars that were parked on the road and uprooted electric poles and strewed the road with metal pieces, rubbles and cables.

I happened to come that way within minutes after the accident. The site looked like a battle zone that was just bombed.

The huge billboards that are ubiquitous in Hyderabad city bear witness to the transformation of this city into a big metro that is one of the biggest business centers in India. Most of these huge hoardings have come up in the past two years or so.

Municipal corporation authorities often fail to enforce the rules and norms and reign in builders and advertising companies that flout them.

Do things like this happen anywhere else?

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