Link to ABC News: Muslim Woman Gives Sex Advice on Arab TV

I think she is not familiar with ancient texts on this topic in other cultures. For instance ‘Kamasutra‘ of India, considered the first treatise in history on sex.

Although India prides itself as the land of Vatsyayana’s Kamamsutra, Indian society as a whole is conservative about sex and issues concerning it. Talking about it in public is taboo, but Bollywood movies are spiced up with scenes that are overtly sexual. Indian orthodoxy is up in arms about obscenity on TV and in films and demands a ban.

A local court in India has accepted a petition by a lawyer against the stars of a recent hit movie ‘Dhoom 2’. The petitioner contends that the film lowers the dignity of Indian women and conveys obscenity to youth.

Heba Kotb’s show is a bold move. There is great need for addressing issues related to sex decently so that many evils like AIDS that are direct consequences of ignorance concerning sexual matters among people, especially the youth, can be checked through increased awareness and openness.

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