The Musharraf dictatorship doles out ostensible support in
the war on terror to keep it in the good graces of Washington, while it
presides over a society that fuels and empowers militants at the
expense of moderates. And the political madrasas,…flourish and grow
under the military dictatorship. Why is it that the terrorist trail
always seems to lead back to Pakistan? Why are second-generation
Pakistani emigres far more attracted by this pattern of terrorism than
other disillusioned Muslims in the west? What is it about Islamabad
that puts it at the centre of terrorist plots?

In fact I’ve been thinking of posting a blog on this topic, but Benazir
Bhutto, a former prime minister of Pakistan, has done it better than
anyone like me could have imagined. Of course she argues her case, but
the indictment is damning.

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