Some of these guys are not entirely unfamiliar to me, for I’ve read one or two of them. But I’ve never imagined that they are known as ‘mainstream bloggers (MSB)’ earning millions of dollars out of blogging. They’ve blogged their way into millionaires’ club.

Who are they and how many millions do they earn? See a few of the dozen or so with their figures:

Nick Denton (Gawker Media)—$3 million

Boing Boing—$1 million/year

Rafat Ali (—more than $1 million/year

Michael Arrington (TechCrunch)—$60,000/month ($720K/year)

Drew Curtis (Fark)—potentially $600K/month ($7 million/year)

Brian and Lisa Sugar (Sugar Publishing)—projected $15 million by 2008


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