Aftab Ansari and his wife Sohela went to bed as usual, but got up divorced! The reason is very strange: Aftab said ‘triple talaq’ in sleep.

Local Muslim leaders are bent on enforcing the divorce quoting Islamic procedures, but the couple, who have been married for eleven years with three children, refuse to split.

But there is a solution for that, too, in the hallowed procedures that the Muslim leaders quote: The couple can remarry after a period of at least 100 days, during which time Sohela should spend a night with another man and duly get a divorce from him.

I’m prone to ask a silly question: What if that man doesn’t divorce her after one night?

It seems that Sohela is a talkative woman who tells her friends what her husband utters consciously or unconsciously in bed. It has landed her and her husband in trouble.

Link to the news story.

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