According to Forbes magazine there are 793 billionaires in the world today and their combined wealth is $2.6 trillion.

Billionaires have always intrigued the rest of us with their flashy life styles, expensive possessions, uncanny money-spinning skills, bewildering idiosyncrasies, etc.

Some inventive people have devoted themselves to the task of helping the rich better their lives in more ways than ordinarily possible by understanding them personally and gaining insight into their their psychology. Their swear by the motto:”to serve them, we have to understand the underlying person and what his or her value system is.”

Larry Samuel, a Ph.D. scholar, who has been studying the habits and behaviour of the millionaires and runs a market research firm, Culture Planning, on behalf of JPMorgan, has classified the American millionaires into “five archetypes, each with its own Passion Points, consuming habits, and style”. The five types are:

1. Thrillionaires

2. Coolionaires

3. Realionaires

4. Wellionaires  and

5. Willionaires

To know them in detail, please follow this link.

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