On 15 March India celebrated Holi, probably the most boisterous and frenetic of all the festivals of Hindus. Holi is a carnival of colors and is celebrated by splashing and spraying colors on one another. In the frenzied celebration of Holi, differences of age, gender, status and the like vanish. The revelers forget themselves for a day in the wild mirth.

Those who are reluctant to participate in such wild celebration can still oblige those who are bent on playing Holi with them by simply allowing the revelers to dab and daub colors on their forehead and cheeks.

As Holi approaches, everyone forgets the dangers of reckless revelry. Schools remind students of the need to choose harmless, natural colors and advise them to celebrate Holi safely by being careful not to squirt colors into eyes or pour onto the head. All are advised to be very careful while washing off the colors in tanks and lakes after long hours of riotous celebration. Still Holi doesn’t pass off without reports of one or other hazards.

Many deaths have been reported from all over India. Of the twenty one deaths that have been reported in our state (Andhra Pradesh), eight have been from Hyderabad city alone. Two of them occurred at Vennelagadda, which is very near our residential area and a third at Suraram, one of the neighboring areas.

Photos of Holi celebration
on 15 March 2006.
A brief introduction to Holi and some of its legends.

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