The virus of cartoon riot spread in Hyderabad on Friday afternoon, but the situation was brought under control by the police.
The trouble started as the congregation at Hyderabad’s prominent mosque in Old City resorted to slogan shouting and stone pelting when they were coming out of the mosque after Friday prayers. Old City is the stronghold of  Muslims in Hyderabad and one of the worst communally sensitive and violence prone spots in the country.
The protest gradually grew into a riot and spread into surrounding areas.
The occasion of Friday prayers keep the police on their toes because sloganeering and inflammatory rhetoric dominate the after prayer meetings in mosques. The potential of the crowd filled with explosive emotion to plunge the region into violence as they disperse is very high. So the police always keep vigil and remain ready to prevent a flare up.
The police did a commendable job on Friday. The situation was brought under control by using minimum force- lathicharge and teargas shells were effective. There was no loss of life. The rioters damaged public transport buses and set a police motorcycle on fire. Some shops were looted or damaged. There was attempt at widening the conflict by targeting temples.
A municipal councilor and a few others were taken into police custody.