If this were a photo from India, you would see children in place of the
sheep on the petrol tank with the man’s wife as the pillion rider. It’s
a common sight here. Mostly a family moving on a two-wheeler prefers a
scooter, which is considered a ‘family vehicle’. Two kids can stand on
it between the handle and the front seat. If the children are tall,
they bend down so that the rider (their father)’s view is not
obstructed. A two-wheeler family ride on Indian roads is a sight to be

Family Vehicle

The advertisement by Bajaj company, the maker of the
hugely popular Bajaj brand scooter, has a cheerful family of four
riding their scooter with the caption “Hamara Bajaj (our Bajaj)”.

But these days the demand is more for motor bikes.
Gone are the days when grown up boys would use their family scooter.
They go for a chic bike now.

Still Bajaj scooters are the choice of those who use them to carry milk
cans, vegetable sacks, etc. So “Hamara Bajaj” is not only a family
vehicle, but also a multipurpose vehicle.

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