Our son Pranav completed seven months yesterday. His growth and development has been remarkable and all our fears have been vanished from our mind forever. Now he’s just like a baby born full-term and his growth is far above benchmark.

Pranav can recognize us both, his maid and a neighbor who makes it a point to spend some time with him almost every day. He doesn’t have regular contacts with anybody else. But we introduce him to other people when we take him out a few times daily. He enjoys being outside and remains quite and happy absorbed in everything around.

He looks at us intently, expresses his immense joy through his innocent laughter and sparkling eyes. If she is holding him, he raises his little hands, kicks her with his rosy feet, bends forward and tries to jump into my hands.

Pranav tries to communicate to all inanimate things around him just the same way as he does to us. He talks to everything and everyone by making incoherent sounds. His babbling delights us greatly. Whatever things he can grab, he tries to put into his mouth.

Our baby likes colorful pictures shown to him and runs his hands on them. His mom reads to him by holding a large book wide open before him and sometimes croons for him.

Pranav is given bath twice a day. He enjoys it very much and protests when taken out of the tub. Bathing him in the tub is very difficult now, because he kicks and splashes water all over, bends up and raises his hands and tries to hit at or grab the mug with water being poured onto his head. Once or twice the water fell into his mouth and he swallowed it. So his mother has to try every trick in the book to distract him from it.

He sucks his thumbs. Drooling is frequent. When he falls on his tummy and tries to crawl, he passes urine invariably.

Pranav takes food without much fuss. His food consists of Lactogen 2, Cerelac (rice), smashed rice, smashed carrot, smashed apple, pulses and a few drops of ghee. The first three are given every day and the rest one after another with a gap of a day or two.

Ani and I sincerely invite guidance, suggestions and tips from all of you in upbringing our son.